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This is an IPv4 address. If you were expecting an IPv6 address, please read on.

Test Domains

This site can be tested by going to several different subdomains:

However, problems do occur. Say you go to just vsix.us and your IPv6 is not configured properly, returning your IPv4 address. You fix the problem, reload, and then... still IPv4?

Caching occurs at several levels: your browser, your local DNS resolver, your ISP's DNS server, etc. But fear not! Simply go to anything.nocache.vsix.us. This will return a site with both published IPv4 and IPv6 addresses, and with no DNS caching.

However, things still happen. Your browser could still cache one address over another. Your ISP may be caching DNS too aggressively. (That's polite speak for "they're breaking the rules".) And so on. In that case, simply choose another random subdomain. May I suggest treahoankai.nocache.vsix.us?


This site was created by Ryan Finnie. There are already several "what is my IP(v6)" sites out there, but this site was created because:

Other tidbits: